El-Mec: since 1993 we have built efficient and reliable machines which evolve hand in hand with your business.


We are the ideal partner to make your automatic assembly and testing machineries.

Every line we realise is tailor-made, unique in its kind, efficient and reliable, suited to your demands.
Whether it is an electromechanic or hydraulic piece, an automotive or any other kind of component, our experience and expertise are at your disposal to develop a new machinery that meets your needs and expectations.
More than 25 years of success and credits define us as leaders in our market.
We pay specific attention not only totechnical issues but also to ergonomic issues, so as to guarantee you a functional, clever and safe solution, that would work at full capacity over their entire productive life.


Our assemblies are quick and precise, making simpleeven the most difficult job.
Our professionalism is the guarantee for your and our success.