Besides the fields where our market develops mostly (automotive, hydraulic and electro-mechanical fields), we are active in other markets, such as pharmaceutical and medical industries, mass market products, and more.
We have recently worked on machineries for the assembly and testing of gas meters, montage of lids, acceptance test for firewalls, assembly of automatic Venetian blinds, and machineries for turning, caulking, and laser-cutting.

Our adaptability skill and experience allow us to project and realise the fitting assembly machineries for every market.


EL.MEC. s.r.l.
Via Della Scienza 45  25039 Travagliato  (BS) – IT
Tel 0306864144 – Fax 0306863547 

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Iscr. Trib. di BS 51487 - Capitale Sociale €400.000,00

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